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SRS principals and professionals have been involved in the arrangement, placement, and closing of over US$45 billion in par value (approximately 300 transactions) of tax-exempt and taxable debt financing in the US and world capital markets. In total, SRS has assisted in the issuance of over US$60 billion in capital market debt worldwide. Further, SRS and its affiliates also has represented numerous financial institutions worldwide with respect to their capital debt programs and asset management.



James C. Brooks

Mr. Brooks leads the global development and management of SRS services and products. Mr. Brooks' duties include the practical development and marketing of insured financial guaranty, structured finance, and traditional risk applications in the capital markets, as well as the operations management of the SRS Companies. He is responsible for global development of insurance capacity for asset backed securitization programs with specific responsibility for development of US and European insurance markets to insure these risks. He is the senior member of the Executive Underwriting Committee, which has the responsibility of approving all credit enhancement transactions. Since 1983, Mr. Brooks has been responsible for the placement, insuring, and/or reinsuring of approximately 200 municipal and corporate securities transactions approximating $3.2 billion. Overall, he has personally supervised the SRS Group Companies in the participation of $30 billion in capital market securities transactions. Mr. Brooks holds a BS Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the University of Southern California.


Brett Koelliker

Executive Vice President

Mr. Koelliker worked for 13 years in the California office of SRS from 1984 to 1997, where he specialized in the company’s commercial real estate products, including lead role on the group’s successful US apartment mortgage indemnity (AMI) program that utilized European based reinsurance and credit facilities. Mr. Koelliker then worked on Wall Street for two years for a leading Japanese investment bank during which time he originated and structured the bank’s tax-exempt mortgage backed conduit program. Since 1999, Mr. Koelliker has been President of European Tax Credit Corporation (ETCCorp). ETCCorp specializes in structured real estate finance programs utilizing capital market funding sources. These structured finance programs included the development and organization of funding and collateral alternatives which ultimately complemented asset-backed securitization structures that were originated, developed and maintained by ETCCorp or ETCCorp affiliations. ETCCorp provides real estate finance, investment banking and capital market products utilizing European and global based credit enhancement companies. Mr. Koelliker received a BA in finance and minor in accounting and economics from Brigham Young University


David A. Belnap
Senior Vice President

As a Senior Vice President at SRS, Mr. Belnap is the director and supervisor of all underwriting, originations, servicing and monitoring real estate asset backed properties. He has been responsible for the management and servicing for over $1 billion in US commercial real estate properties during his tenure with SRS. He is a member of the Executive Underwriting Committee, which has the responsibility of approving all credit enhancement transactions. With over 30 years of experience in the capital markets, Mr. Belnap currently acts as an advisor to CNA, AXA and other insurance companies on issues relating to structuring, compliance and marketing of insured bonds. During the past 20 years with SRS, he has participated in the marketing, application, and underwriting of bond insurance policies for approximately $3.1 billion in asset backed securities. Mr. Belnap holds a BA Economics and an MBA from Brigham Young University.





















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