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Special Risk Services (SRS) is a specialist in structuring financing methods for unusual assets. SRS is a multi-discipline group using insurance, investment banking, financial analyses, accounting, and tax concepts in the development of solutions for difficult asset class financing. These assets range from small consumer loans in Japan to interest only strips on small business loans in the US. SRS and its affiliates have acted as financial advisors to numerous municipal and corporate entities worldwide with respect to their capital debt issuance and management.

SRS provides full services to its clients including transactional feasibility analysis, capital debt program management, transactional team management, transactional negotiation, document preparation management, and closing and on-going transactional monitoring. Financings which SRS has arranged have included single and multifamily housing properties, commercial properties (including but not limited to office buildings, shopping centers and hotels), health care facilities, industrial/manufacturing facilities, consumer loan receivables, corporate loans, equipment and real estate residual value loans, small business loans and interest only strips. SRS has completed these financings in the US tax-exempt and taxable environments as well as the international capital markets. SRS has analyzed and consulted on such diverse projects as equipment leasing arrangements, SBA asset pools, FHA co-insurance, varied mortgage asset pools, auto loans, and medical receivable portfolios.

SRS continually employs the resources of the international insurance and banking markets and proposes new and innovative applications of SRS known risk capacity. SRS assists developers, financial institutions, corporations, partnerships, municipal governments, and investment bankers in solving credit concerns with the use of innovative financing techniques.



  • SRS does for its clients what no other bank or insurance intermediary does using its niche in the converging markets of banking, capital markets and insurance to benefit SRS’ clients.
  • SRS enables its clients to gain capital market access by financing tangible and intangible assets with greater economic efficiency than conventional markets.
  • Since 1983, SRS and its principals have completed nearly 350 transactions with par values exceeding $60 billion.




















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